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Support is also available evenings and weekends. Use the correct address for your requests. Do not copy anyone else to avoid duplicate responses.

Passwords and IT Support

Remember to send any IT support requests to our support address and please include as much specific information as possible as well as your contact information. Do not copy anyone else.


Self-Service Password Reset Website

Passwords must be reset every six months.

The BCT and AIAM Unanet timesheet systems use BCT Active Directory accounts which cannot be reset from within Unanet. Use the Password Reset website.

More information is available here.

Unanet Charge Code Help

Budget allocation and other charge code issues can be quickly resolved by our PMO and Accounting teams. Send support requests directly to them at these special adresses. Do not copy anyone else.

AIAM Unanet charge code issues: Unanet-Help-AIAM@aiam-jv.com

BCT Unanet charge code issues: Unanet-Help-BCT@bct-llc.com

AIAM Public Websites

This public portal provide links to common AIAM JV Public Websites.

AIAM JV Website     AIAM Unanet     Password Reset

BCT Public Websites

This public portal provide links to common BCT Public Websites.

Outlook Email     Password Reset     BCT Unanet     ADP WorkForceNow     Nas1b File Server     ClearCompany ATS     Hot Tech Topics     Mattermost

Private Websites

Employee Service Portal

The BCT Service Portal is no longer on the public Internet.

BCT Service Portal (Internal access only!)     Calendar     Newsletter     Notices

GlobalProtect Clientless VPN Portal

Remote access to the Service Portal and other Internal Websites is available using the GlobalProtect clientless VPN portal. Just sign in with your normal BCT account. Clear your browser cache for best results.

GlobalProtect Clientless VPN Portal

The GlobalProtect Clientless VPN cannot be used internally or with the GlobalProtect Client.